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Maui Sun Tea, Blends:

Minimum order is 3 Bags

Use this chart to select the blends of tea you would like us to send in your selection(s).
Rejuvenation Herbal Tea Passion Fruit Herbal Tea Classic Organic Chai Black Tea
Hawaiian Island Life Herbal Tea. Organic  Maui Grown Mamaki, Organic Lemon Balm Mango Essence Herbal Tea Hawaiian Ginger
Hibiscus Lemon Grass Herbal Tea Peppermint Caffeine free- sugar free Lavender Lemon Grass Herbal Tea
Hawaiian Tropical Blend Black Tea Organic Tahitian Vanilla Black Tea Mango Black Tea
Rose Black Tea Honey

Please e-mail your order and indicate your shipping address and which teas you would like.

$10 per bag plus shipping (minimum 3)

$8 per jar of Honey 


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